Staying Fit Through the Witner

If you are in an area where the lands are coated with snow and ice and the temperatures are frigid, it can be very difficult to persevere with fitness goals through the winter.

It’s in our nature to bundle, hunker down, and chow comfort foods during the season when grown food becomes scarcer. However, keeping up with fitness can help you to fit back into that bikini when the season is right and can also help you maintain better emotional and physical health. Changing the way that you stay fit through the winter can help you to keep up with fitness better than trying to stick to the same plans that you used through the other seasons.


Home Workout Routine

Gyms and fitness centers are some of the first places to close because of rough weather. If you are depending on being able to go to the gym to get your workout in, you may find yourself putting it off time and time again as the gym closes or becomes difficult to get to. Instead, have a backup plan to follow a fitness video or to lift some weights and do some calisthenics in an unused corner of the home. If you don’t have space, there is bound to be at least one friend or family member that wouldn’t mind letting you work out at their home, perhaps even joining you to stay fit through the winter.

Help with the Outdoor Cleanup

While taking a jog around the neighborhood may not be advisable when conditions are icy, there are plenty of other ways to workout outside during the winter. The calories and fat burned while shoveling snow or chipping ice should not be underestimated. These activities can even help you save money as you get your heart rate up.

Work Out in the Morning

For mommies that find themselves short on time (what mommy doesn’t?), it can be difficult to get that daily workout in. However, working out doesn’t just keep you skinny or looking good, working out keeps you strong and healthy. This is important not just for you, but for your children and family. If you are healthy and strong, you will be better able to keep up with the kids and perform the tasks necessary to keep life running smoothly. Working out in the morning can help keep you at the top of your game.

Why the Morning?

Kids sleep longer than adults, so if it’s planned right, you can have a little time in the morning before the kids wake up. Instead of squandering this time, it can be used efficiently to get your workout in. It is definitely easier to focus your full attention on a workout when the kids are otherwise occupied. Committing to working out in the morning will also help you to actually stick with it, whereas plans to work out later on during the day are more likely to get pushed aside as you become tired, stressed, or frustrated.

Benefits of Morning Workout

Working out in the morning will set a strong, energetic pace that can help warm up your muscles and get you ready for the day ahead. This can sharpen your reflexes and give you a little more oomph to power charge you through making breakfast, packing lunches, dressing kids, and whatever else the morning and day may hold. Working out in the morning will also help you to release some mental stress, which can give you mental clarity and calm to make it through these tasks. Whether you go on to work, take the kids to school, or give them their lessons at home after that, everyone around you will benefit from that calmer attitude and increased energy.

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