Quick Sirloin Steaks

In a pinch, we often turn to fast food or boxed food to quickly feed the family. Our silly rationale is that we know everyone will like it and it will get dinner out of the way quickly.

Sometimes, we may even rationalize that it is less expensive than other meal options. This is false logic that lets us rationalize away giving our family unhealthy options, however. The next time that you are about to buy a bag full of burgers or tacos, remember that for the same price you could be serving your family restaurant-worthy sirloin meals.

For the Love of a Sirloin

Sirloin steaks are relatively cheap as meats go. Sirloins are typically between $5 and $10 a pound, depending on what deals are going on and whether you get top sirloin or a regular sirloin. Most kids won’t eat an entire steak, so you may be able to feed a family of four with just 2-3 lbs of meat! Less than $20 and the family is enjoying a delicious steak meal that is much healthier than greasy burgers or tacos with mystery meat.

Cooking Sirloins

Sirloins are also very quick and easy to cook. If the weather agrees, sirloins are tastiest when cooked on the grill. To make things really easy, foil-wrapped baked potatoes and corn on the cob can be thrown right onto the grill, too. Potatoes should go on about 20 minutes before the steaks, or they can be nuked for 5 minutes to soften them up before foil wrapping and throwing them on the grill. Corn on the cob should go on about 10 minutes before the steaks. Steaks can be seasoned with onion powder, garlic powder, Montreal seasoning, or any other favorites. Once the steaks go on the grill, they should be heated over a medium flame and flipped after about five minutes for medium. Steaks cooked in an oven broiler will cook for the same length of time. After another five minutes, the steaks can be served for a fast and tasty dinner that the whole family will enjoy.

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