Plant a Garden for Fitness, Fun, and Learning

When thinking of ways to get fit, mommies rarely realize that they can kill two fitness birds with one stone and plant a garden. Gardens require little physical labor and can yield some seriously healthy and yummy ingredients for meals. Planting a garden can also be a wonderful stress release and can teach kids about surviving without relying on stores and others.


Starting the Garden

In many places, now is the perfect time to start a garden indoors. Planting in pots and containers using potting soil is a great way to get the whole thing started. Putting it all together and allowing the seeds to germinate is not very physically intensive, but can be a lot of fun and can help kids to become interested in the process. Compiling the needed tools and getting it all together is the most intensive part at this point.

Moving it Outside

Moving the garden outside after the seeds have sprouted and begun to grow is a bit more labor-intensive. Building a garden box or creating a space for the plants to go requires an effort that can help to burn calories and start healthy habits. Involving kids in this part can help to solidify their investment in the outcome of the garden project.

Maintaining the Garden

Maintaining an outdoor garden is by far the most labor-intensive part of the process. Pulling weeds, pruning plants, and keeping plants free of bugs and other pests can take a good deal of focus. Bending over in the warm sun and taking care of the plants and planting new additions can be a great workout. Having kids help with this can teach responsibility. Kids may also be more interested in trying the fruits and vegetables that are grown in a garden that they helped to build and maintain.

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