How to Increase Your Height Naturally – My 5 Secrets Unleashed!

It’s no secret that most people, men most of all, desire to be taller than they are. While it’s absolutely true that there are numerous supplements and products out there that claim to promote height increase, you should know by now that most of these supplements and “grow taller” products are complete crapola. They can no more increase your height than could be waving a wand made from a paper towel roll.

Believe it or not, there are actually lots of effective ways for how to increase height naturally without bogus creams or pills. Read on to take a look at these simple and effective methods…


1. Proper Stretching Exercises

Certain activities such as stretching exercises, hanging, as well as swimming can potentially boost your height up to three inches or more. Take note though that this method may take some time — well, a LOT of time to be honest — to yield noticeable results.

Do exercises that aim to strengthen, develop, and tone your muscles which support the spine; shoulder, lower back, and upper back. Once you’ve sufficiently developed these muscles, your spine will actually start to lengthen naturally.

Some great height increasing exercises that you can do are the following…

– 20-40 minutes of spine lengthening exercises that include stretching and hanging, or swimming.

– 20-40 minutes of leg-lengthening exercises that include jumping, cycling, kicking, sprinting, and jumping rope.

2. Simple Posture Exercises!

Practicing proper posture can be conducive to a natural height increase. It helps your body grow naturally over time and it will more easily maintain that “longer” shape.

Posture Exercise 1: Lie down flatly on the floor with your face down. Position your palms on the ground beneath your shoulders and hold this pose for roughly 5 to 10 minutes. Stop if you feel any sort of discomfort.

Posture Exercise 2: Another advisable posture technique is to arch your spine up as far as you possibly can, with your chin pointed up and out. Hold this position for several minutes. Do this often, as much as you can in fact.

3. Permanently Correct Your Sitting Posture

Sitting is probably the most important aspect of “improving your posture”. Most of us slouch when we sit. We might not realize it, or even think of it as slouching — but we all do it.

Don’t believe you’re a sloucher? Fine. Get a mirror and put it next to where you sit, just a few feet away. Do what you always do when you sit — work, games, tv, read, etc. Once about 10 minutes have passed, take a look at the mirror and you’ll see a hunchback; I’d bet my life on it!

In theory, fixing your sitting posture should be simple and easily done within days. Just sit up straight — that’s it, right? WRONG! We all know that sitting up straight is rarely ever that simple, don’t we?

To really correct your sitting posture for good, you have to forcefully remind yourself again and again and again throughout the day. Perhaps even write a note and keep it next to your work station. This is the only way you’re going to be able to really make any progress.

Trust me, sitting up straight does NOT come naturally nor is it second nature. I’ll even go as far as to say that slouching is what’s natural, not sitting up straight. That said, don’t expect this to be an easy thing you’ll master in a day or two. Sitting up straight all the time may sound easy, but it isn’t; believe me on that. It’ll take several weeks MINIMUM before sitting up straight is as second nature to you as slouching is to the rest of the world.

4. Take Up Yoga

If you’re searching for a great way on how to increase height naturally at home, then you can and should give the age-old yoga technique a try.

Considering that most of your height lies in your spine and legs, you should concentrate on yoga poses that concentrate on these body parts.

A few of the best yoga positions that you can do are The Standing Forward Bend, The Head to Knee Pose, and The Downward Dog Facing Pose. These yoga techniques help strengthen your knees and thighs, stretch your hips and relax your central nervous system, hence improving your height.

Not flexible enough for yoga? Well, that’s not surprising in the least. Most beginners of yoga are not flexible at all — some can’t even touch their toes if their life depended on it. That said, don’t worry about your yoga abilities so early. Start with the easy stuff first and then work on tackling the harder stuff. The more advanced exercises will definitely help you to increase your height naturally — you just have to be able to do them without injury.

5. Living The Healthier Lifestyle

If you’re really set on naturally increasing your height, you should start doing any of the mentioned exercises above, not to mention work on developing a more healthy “lifestyle”.

Eating healthy foods, maintaining balanced nutrition, exercising regularly, getting proper sleep each night, lower stress levels, etc. are all important to your goal of growing taller. Do your absolute best to stay away from bad vices; smoking and drinking and drugs.

Remember, none of these things on their own is going to make you grow taller overnight, nor will it turn you into a 6′ behemoth within the next month or two. Such expectations are foolish and should be cast aside immediately.

It will take many, many, many months of dedication, patience, and persistence using the methods & exercises above (as well as others on this site) before you see an increase in your height whatsoever.

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