how to get rid of fruit flies? – 5 Ways to Kill Fruit Flies in Your Home


how to get rid of fruit flies?

These tiny flies easily travel around, doors, or even on your food from the store to your refrigerator. They’ll stay right around, but only if they get a chance to feed. When that happens, they lay their eggs in a cluster on the underside of the leaf or any other smooth surface you might find. When they hatch, tiny wingless insects fly out into the air and begin searching for a blood meal. It’s that simple.

What causes fruit flies in your house?

Well, the first and the most common reason for these flies are the accumulation of food leftovers that have accumulated on your table or in your refrigerator. If you have a weak immune system and if you don’t take care of your body, then these leftovers can easily find their way to your intestine where they can easily multiply and cause your infection.

How long does it take to get rid of fruit flies?

Well, probably the question will shock you and most likely you’ll not have the answer because you’re looking for the quick-fix solution. Most people would go out there to buy the next best product they see that can solve their problem in less than 24 hours. And I’ve no problem with that as long as it helps me get rid of my fruit flies problem, that’s all I’m worried about.

The truth is, if you want to learn how long it takes for a fruit fly to lay eggs, you really shouldn’t be delving into that sort of information. First, they only lay eggs in summer when there is plenty of water and moisture. They’ll die off once the temperature goes down and as long as you are keeping your house dry, they won’t stick around. And there is no quick fix for getting rid of a fruit fly either.

Also, It depends on your choice of treatment. Some treatments can kill them so fast they won’t even be visible on the outside. Others are a bit more gradual will require you to do some work but can be very effective at eliminating the problem.

How do you get rid of fruit flies once and for all?

We have all dealt with this issue at one time or another. It is nothing more than the small bug that likes to hang around our finger and taste our food. This is how they get you, by hanging around your food, or any other place they can find. Fruit flies are a common problem for those who have fruit trees in their yards because they like to go into the branches and eat the fruit. They will go into your home and leave your food alone, which is what makes them such a problem.

Use the right fly control method

One way to get rid of flies is to make sure that you are using a proper fly control method. Using a proper insecticide to kill any bugs that have gotten onto your porch or window is a great first step. If however, you are still seeing them after several days of using the proper products, it may be time to consider some other methods of getting rid of flies. You can also purchase natural pesticides from your local home improvement store, which can be a very effective way to deal with this problem. If however, you find that your bug problem has become much more out of control, you may want to consider contacting a professional pest management service.

Use natural pesticides

Well, if you’re dealing with an aggressive fly that is hanging around your trees or your home, then there is little hope of controlling them. If however, your problem is inside your home, you can use natural pesticides to rid your home of unwanted critters. The best way to find out how do you get rid of fruit flies once and for all? Purchase a fly control product, learn how to apply it properly, and take the appropriate steps to get a clean bill of health once and for all.

Focus on the source

We should focus on the source which is the actual fruit fly itself. This is not difficult to do because they don’t stay dead once they have been cut up and mixed with the food they have ingested. They fly around all day releasing millions of small fecal pieces that end up in every corner and crevice of our house. If we simply spray the entire house with a powerful insecticide and that’s it, there would be very few fruit flies left alive in our home, unless we count the ones that live in the refrigerator!

So how do you kill fruit flies without vinegar?

Simple – lookout for them eating near or on fruits. They’re very careful to pick through the fruits, and once they find one that they like, they’ll continue their search until they find a whole tree without any fruits. Once they’re through the middle, they drop off into the vegetable section and stay there for the rest of the summer.

Check the quality of your insecticide

Apart from this, what causes fruit flies in your house also depends on the quality of your insecticide that you are using against these flies. Some insects can not be killed even by the use of the most powerful insecticides. To ensure that your treatment will be effective, you need to do some maintenance on your surroundings.

Keep a check on your pets as well

You should check out your pet’s living quarters and make sure that there is no place that is dark and damp. You should clean the container in which your pet normally rests and make sure that there is no insecticide or poison left within it. Most importantly, you should change your insecticide regularly. By doing so, you are keeping your surroundings clean and safe for your beloved pets.