Get Outside and Get Active

With warmer temperatures finally showing up and an end to the ice and snow in sight, now is a great time to look to the outdoors to get your fitness in. Taking kids outdoors to get some activity in and play can help to change the family routine and encourage higher activity levels than sitting in front of the television or computer every night. Doing outdoor activities together can also strengthen family bonds as the whole family becomes more active together.


Take the Kids Outside

A good goal to shoot for is at least sixty minutes of active outdoor play. Running after kids and playing games with them raises the heart rate, which can help you burn fat and avoid many diseases and illnesses. By participating with the kids, you can help them to avoid obesity. Exercise also helps to improve moods, which may make a happier home life for everyone.

Go for a Run or Walk

While playing outside with the kids is a great way to get family time while improving fitness, mommies also need their time away. Taking a brisk walk or run helps to release endorphins and get the blood moving through the body. Taking a pedometer can help you to track the number of steps, which can be motivating as you see the miles climb and climb.

Join a Sports Team

Spring is a great time to begin or join a sports team. Many local restaurants, pubs, and workplaces host softball teams. If that’s not your style, simply getting a group of friends together to play tennis, volleyball, or whatever your favorite sport is can motivate you to get out and get moving more often. By making a commitment to a certain day of the week or time of the day, the chances that you will stick with it are greatly increased.