8 Bad Cleaning Habits That Are Ruining Your Home

It’s a fact that not everyone with a bad attitude stays disciplined and consistent. What it does mean though, is that we all have these tendencies in some form or another and you can do something about it now. One of the things that I would like to focus on in this article is the importance of maintaining proper cleaning habits. It doesn’t matter whether you’re single married or involved with a family, keeping up a cleaner home can be a huge help to anyone. If you want to be a better housekeeper, read on to find out how you can do it.


1. Lack of discipline


The first thing that I would talk about in this article is the importance of maintaining proper cleaning habits. For one thing, if your home is dirty, chances are that you won’t have time for other things that need to get done. You might end up feeling rushed and overwhelmed at times. This will not only affect your daily routines, but it can even be a source of stress. To avoid this from happening, learn how to keep your home clean and well kept.

2. Do a weekly deep clean of the cabinets in your home


These are likely filled with all kinds of gunk from leftover foods, greasy fingers, and even dust. It’s impossible to keep everything off of your kitchen counter or your kitchen cupboards. The best way to keep it all off of your counters is to do a weekly deep cleaning of these areas. It might mean you have to go through a little discomfort, but it’s better than having tons of dirt and germ-filled germs all over your home.

Don’t throw away leftover food


If you put something away that will go bad, put it back on the counter first. Food that has been left to sit is very dirty and it won’t go away. Always put things away on the counter before you throw them in the trash. So try to use a vacuum to pick up the dirt. Vacuuming removes much of the dirt from the surfaces in your home. It also helps to get rid of any food particles or other items lying around that you don’t want to sit on the floor. Always vacuum your carpets and your upholstery.



One thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that clutter is one of the worst cleaning agents around. It is impossible to start cleaning the home and not have a few items lying around. Once they are lying around, they won’t be cleared away as quickly as you might like. In the end, it’s just a bunch of clutter that never gets cleaned up. Try to limit yourself to using a cleaner that does a deep clean. This means you won’t be cleaning the floors, the walls, and all the nooks and crannies inside and out. Don’t use harsh chemicals for deep cleaning. Use something gentle and natural like baking soda to scrub off stains and dirt.

Dirty tools


One of the worst things that you can possibly have around your home is dirty tools. If you use them regularly, it is time to throw them out immediately. You don’t want to risk scratching the floorboards, ruining your rugs, or any other problems that could arise. If you do have some tools lying around that you haven’t used in a while, you may want to try taking them to a local donation center. They will most likely be able to accept them, clean them up, and help you out with whatever you need.

Dirty dishes


Some people think that since they make a bunch of dirty dishes, they can just leave them around the house and hope that they won’t end up on someone’s plate. This isn’t a smart idea. When you leave dirty dishes around, it is just spreading germs all over the place. This can make anyone quite sick and is also a very poor fashion statement. Instead, make sure that your dishes are washed right away. Besides, who wants to pay for dirty dishes when you can wash them yourself?

Stains on the wall


Yes, there are stains that can’t be cleaned in the washing machine. These are usually permanent, such as red wine stains or grease stains from pots and pans. If you must put them up, make sure they are wiped down, and then covered up quickly. This will keep them from becoming more visible to your visitors. Additionally, it will protect the wall from staining. Everyone needs to change out of their regular clothes into clean clothes before heading out. This simple change can do wonders for making your home clean. If you do have dirty clothes in your home, try to wash them. A simple way to do this is to fold them and put them in a drawer or in the washer.

Dry cleaning isn’t always necessary


Some clothes don’t need to be dry cleaned because they have gone out of style. For women, it is extremely important to never dry clean anything. You can also save those dry cleaner bills for a more important expense such as a vacation. Dry cleaning clothes helps keep them looking nice. However, don’t let your floors stay damp. Wet floors are very difficult to keep clean. Even if you have the right detergent, it doesn’t always work. Keeping your floors as dry as possible is important for keeping bacteria and germs at bay.

To conclude :

These are just a few of the bad habits that you should try to break. When you clean your home, be sure to wipe down the surface after each visit. This will ensure that you are not spreading germs and making the home filthy. Doing so will also make the home feel fresher and cleaner, and visitors will feel much safer when they come home to an orderly and clean home.