15 Helpful Hints To Break Bad Cleaning Habits

Cleaning is something we all have to do but are always looking for easier ways to get the job done.  That said, taking short-cuts is hardly ever the right choice, it can make your cleaning even more difficult.  On top of basic cleaning, you and your family may have some habits that are preventing you from thoroughly cleaning.

Now it’s time to break some of your bad habits to clean up your home the right way.  To start with, you should choose one or two bad cleaning habits that need to be changed.  Before you know it, you will have a much cleaner home!


Your Build-Up Of Paper Clutter

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We all, at times, have a build-up of paper thanks to magazines, unwanted junk mail, newspapers, and the list goes on.  You need to have a designated area near your door for all unwanted paper clutter and have a shredder or dumping bin nearby.

Approximately once a week go through this stuff and junk it or shred it. You also need to create a filing system to store tax returns, insurance papers, and other important papers.  Consider donating magazines to retirement homes or your local hospital. Your children’s artwork can be framed and displayed or stick them on your refrigerator with magnets.

Never leave your bath towels lying on the floor in a pile

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You will spend a great deal less time if you don’t bunch up your shower curtain and leave wet towels piled up on the floor.  Just close the shower curtain after each use,  it will dry on its own and not cause a build-up of mildew.

Hanging your towels up to dry will allow you to use them more than once and cut back on your laundry.

Lay Off Using Too Much Laundry Detergent

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You might think using more than the recommended amount of laundry detergent will actually clean better but you would be wrong.  Detergents and cleaners will cause more harm than good.  The excessive detergent will not rinse properly, causing the residue to become trapped.

Always read the label and only use what is recommended.  You are doing nothing but wasting the detergent or your cleaner which will cost you more money down the road as well as the extra cost for the water to finally rinse your items out properly.

Make Sure Your Cleaning Tools Are Clean

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It only makes sense that if you use dirty tools, you will not receive the cleaning effects you are looking for.  You will add bacteria to your detergent’s residue causing your clothes to smell.  If you vacuum with a dirty filled bag or filter you won’t get good results because the vacuum cannot operate properly to suck up the debris.  The same goes for a dirty mop or sponge, all you are doing is moving the bacteria and soil around.

Always clean your tools after using them. Empty vacuum bags or replace those that are disposable.  Wash them with hot water and a disinfectant.  At some point in time, you should replace your tools.

About Your Disinfectant Wipes

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These little wipes are great for quick cleanup in your bathroom sink but are nowhere near large enough to clean the entire bathroom.  By the time you move from your sink to the toilet bowl seat, the disinfectants have been used up, you will spread bacteria from one surface to another.

One hint, there should be enough disinfectant in the wipe to keep your surface wet for at least 4 minutes.  You should use several wipes to ensure you are using enough disinfectant in the room.

Take Off Your Shoes

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When you come in from outside, you should remove your shoes, it will save you extra time for vacuuming. You will also prevent the build-up of bacteria and germs that will land in your living areas.

Whether you enter your home by a side door or the main door, have a bench or chair in place so everyone can remove their shoes and then place them in a nearby bin.

How To Properly Store Your Cleaning Supplies Correctly

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Not storing your cleaning supplies properly is a really bad habit.  You spend half your time looking for the tools and cleaners you need. Have all your cleaning supplies for each area of your home in an assessable place. You can place all your cleaning supplies for the bathroom in a small basket and stow it under your sink.

If your home is two leveled, have supplies stowed in both places so you are not carrying cleaners from one level to the next.   Stow all your dusting and furniture cleaning products together for quick cleaning and make sure all laundry products remain in the laundry room.

Too Many Leftovers In Your Refrigerator

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Unless you know your family likes certain leftovers, why try to stow them in your refrigerator?  Unless you know your leftovers will be used up promptly, just toss them.

Food left in the refrigerator for too long will lead to mold and bacteria, making cleaning your refrigerator a really difficult, smelly chore.

Leaving Dirty Dishes In The Sink

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Leaving dirty dishes in the sink will lead to infections and bacteria,  Let’s face it, it only takes a minute to wash out and place a dish or glassware in the strainer or place them in the dishwasher. Dirty dishes and glasses will increase bacteria as well as other insects. Taking a moment after eating to washout and place your dishes in the strainer or place them in the dishwasher to ensure your health and your home will be so much safer.

Talk to your family and let them know they should place their dirty dishes and glasses in the dishwasher or wash them directly after using them.

Unmade Beds

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Even if all your bedrooms are neat and tidy, an unmade bed is an eyesore. If you make your bed each morning it will make the rest of the room look great. Over time, unmade beds will start collecting dust, mites, and bacteria because they are not being picked up in an orderly manner and kept neat and clean.

Making the bed can be done much easier if you choose bedding that will spread out quickly and neatly.  Having a simple comforter and a few pillow shams will look great and will be easier to deal with than complicated frilly pillows.

Always Read The Directions

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If you have returned to your bathroom only to find soap scum on the sink, chances are, you didn’t read the directions or chose the wrong product for soap scum. In other cases, some cleaners have ingredients that need time to break down dirt and lifted so it can be easily rinsed and wiped.

Always read the label, especially if it’s a product you’ve never used before. It will save you the extra time to go back in and end up scrubbing

Know The Cleaners You Are Using

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Just like your habit of using too much of a product to clean, choosing something too harsh is also a bad habit.  You could easily harm your sink or toilet bowl if the cleaner starts stripping away at the surface.  Also, you can easily harm your family and your pets if the product is seriously stringent.

For instance,  chlorine bleach is a good disinfectant, but it’s not made to remove dirt and grime.  Keep in mind, chlorine bleach has very toxic fumes.  Always choose a milder product to get the cleaning results you need.  If you need a stringent clean, always read the label very carefully and make sure your pets and family will not enter the room.

Dusting Last Is Not A Good Practice

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Do yourself a favor by dusting before you decide to vacuum.  Rule of thumb, clean your room from top to bottom so dust lands on the floor then you can sweep or vacuum it up.  Also, keep in mind, just like a wipe that is not designed to clean your entire bathroom, a disposable duster goes by the same rules.

If it’s been a while since you dusted, you should buy a new duster if your current one has started turning shades of gray.  All you’ll end up doing is pushing the dust around and not making any difference.

Cleaning Tasks Left Half-Done

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There are times we all get distracted from our cleaning tasks but it is important to finish the job you started.  If you are in the process of ironing, don’t stop to check your emails or go on social media believing you need a break. Wait until you have finished what you started.

If you have a very short time to clean, start by removing junk around the room and put it in their proper places such as the garbage bin.  Then if you get distracted, you can always come back and continue with a thorough cleaning.  If you get a call while in the middle of cleaning, let it go to voice mail and call back when you are done.

Don’t Let Your Cleaning Backup Until It’s a Nightmare

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One of the worst habits to get into is putting off cleaning until it’s a screaming nightmare.  There are many times you might put off cleaning until it’s out of control but that’s not the answer.

If you and your family conduct a simple cleaning each day like unloading the dishwasher or loading up the laundry machine then cleaning day will not be that big a deal.